Title: Rainbow: The Shades of Love

Author: Aman JassalRainbow

Publisher: Teenage Publishers

ISBN: 9788192932422

My review

This book is an example of a brilliant idea striking wrong chords due to the lack of apt depth and an entertaining story!

The author had a very impressive creative teaser in his hands (with the idea of using rainbow colors) but he fell short of extrapolating it into a well-drafted story due to the lack of a nice treatment given to the characters and a logical flow of the events. A young boy who has only recently started his professional stint fails at personal front – why? This is because he fails to align his personal priorities in line with the professional growth and personal gratification.

The plot might seem to be an obvious one but it is that turns out to be an oblivious one. You should be thinking why I am addressing this issue with such shady thoughts. This is because, we all know that certain developments are ought to take place at this transformational age and with the boys falling in this age category; sadly will do anything. What is the remedy then? It might be in guiding them with something creative and exhausting for their overactive hormonal rushes. I agree, we cannot make them sit and then preach; but at least they can be directed to constructively woven conversations which provide them with something meaningful in life. Author tried to send a message but missed it very close. L

Peer pressure is the most dangerous feature that we all witness, especially with the students choosing to stay at P.G. or hostels. During those formative years they are very much at distance from their family and are in process of sieving and identifying who their true friends are? In such a state of invisible void; they start experimenting – experiment with themselves; their life, their love, their profession; and the truth is – not all of them come out with hands-full. This story is about a boy who loses, only to realize later in time but by the time, he realizes what all he has lost and decides to mend up the things – it’s too late! The damage reaches to an irreparable extent.

This book might be read by male readers who are young by age; only to find that the life will turn upside down if NOT handled with care, compassion and most importantly – without having charted a blueprint of your own deeds and destinations. Girls will not like it at all and a few might turn ‘anti’ with how he had portrayed her female characters.

The story had a great potential, the plot could have been a massive with more depth to characters and content to prod on. The editing, especially developmental editing seemed shallow.

I completed this book much sooner than I had expected but with one fall back at my part. I had received this book some day last year but completely forgot. I apologize for the delay. I wish, you (the author) re-launch the book with more to offer because the idea is nice!

About the Book

Love = Sex? Love+Sex=? Love-Sex=??? Sex-Love=????

This is not a book to teach you about love or how to get a beautiful girl to bed, rather it reveals how bad things can get if you don’t set your priorities right. It’s a story about the most explored life aspect ‘ Love’ ‘Sex’.

YUVI, a pleasure seeking boy, falls victim to the same notorious life facet called love. Simran’s beauty sweeps him off from his feet and he leaves no stone unturned to seek her special attention.

As he falls in love, he also sleeps around with all the erroneous girls, and when his fate threatens to take his love down, he promises himself to stop all of this and come out of the wreckage … But then, his past deeds come back to his present, and that tears his life apart. What follows is an uneasy course of getting his love back on board.

The story reveals the life of today’s youth, their friendships, feelings, priorities, and ineptitude to handle relationships while not forgetting their turmoil between the two critical facets of life: LOVE & SEX.

Love makes the world go round … Or is it Sex? Based on real life experiences and tea time gossips.

About the Author

Aman Jassal is born and brought up in the princely city, Patiala. He completed his master’s degree in 2007 and works as a design engineer with an MNC in Gurgaon. Apart from his work, he loves to write stories and blogging. He is a trained Bhangra dancer and his other fields of interest include travelling and bike riding. Having travelled many European and Asian countries he has a broad approach to life. He is a high spirited youngster whose life revolves around his friends.

He can be contacted at:

Email: amanjass@gmail.com