Title: The Running Soul

Author: Parul Sheth

Publisher: Embassy Books

ISBN: 978-93-83359-90-5

My Review

Why do we choose to run? I use this term ‘run’ in the context of running from a starting point to the ending point and not meant to say ‘running away’! In the words of the author; this book is an account about diminishing the distances from darkness to light! Choose to read the review and thus the book if you wish to move ahead; ahead of all the negativities and be a role model inspiring others.

We all run; all through our lives – sometimes from the family, from friends, from society, from fears, from sorrows, from lag backs and sadly sometimes from ourselves as well. Did you? What not learn to run for our betterment and in turn for the betterment of the society as a whole? Does the idea struck you? Continue.

Parul Sheth, is wise example of inspiration, especially for today’s women. Though, we all boast of providing with equal opportunities but ironically females have to work hard to anchor their respective positions in society, in family and in her mind as well. This book is her personal journey and how she transformed all odds and laid even terms for others to follow. Here, I will not share even a single mention of what all she has to share with the readers but I will tell you what effect will it leave on you, once you read the experiences.

Yes, this book is full of first-hand experiences of the author herself. How she decided to start participating in marathon races, how she metamorphosed into a runner from a non-runner; how her personal developments affected her attitude towards running and find out what made her strike the idea to write such a book! Every single incident she discusses inspires you to get up and start walking towards your next destination i.e. your next goal.

Everybody has to have some driving passion to make them believe that they are still live and housing a life in their body. Some people find solace in something creative while some in something physical such as dancing or running! You will get an idea how running can heal! Yes, it can and it has! One of my cousins has started participating in marathons (in Mumbai) and I have myself witnessed positive changes in his mentality and personality. He ran because he ran because he wanted to; the trailing changes are just add-ons!

Truly speaking, I feel bad when I find that works like this one are not praised and discussed (read it as promoted) like other much-marketed genres. We need to have more of such kind of books and people with positive vibes guiding us to make this society – a better place to live.

This book is one of those books which will influence a vast bracket of target audiences – if young people will be inspired to choose to run over any other not-so-fulfilling activity; the middle aged will get inspired to continue running in their lives to achieve their next milestone and the experienced one will get inspiration to inspire others. Depending upon another analogy – the runners will be inspired to set their personal milestones the next race; leaving behind the past misses.

Keep running!

About the Book

Five months after an immensely painful, life-changing event, when the first Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon as held in January 2004, I started running as a way of coping with the pain. This is the story of how I rebuilt my shattered life. In sharing my story, I hope to inspire the non-runner to start running, the half marathoner to dream bigger and the marathoner to push his own perceived limits and aim for that much desired personal best time. We all have own terms with courage and perseverance. The road is perilous but with sheer tenacity, we can learn to enjoy the journey. Each hill we climb merely makes us stronger and takes us higher.

About the Author

Parul Sheth is a fulltime mother, fulltime runner, fulltime architect and a novice writer. This book is the story of how she began as a non-runner, who trained, evolved as a person and a marathoner and ran the race of her life at the age of 42 in the 2014 Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon.

Over the last 10 years, she has brought up 2 teenagers as a single parent, worked as an architect designing restaurants, and developed herself as an individual with several hobbies and a whole new life.

She has run 3 marathons, 14 half marathons and several other races.