Title: India ReloadedIndia Reloaded

Author: Dheeraj Sinha

Publisher: Westland Ltd.

ISBN: 9789385152337

My Review

India Reloaded by Dheeraj Sinha revisits Indian subcontinent as a resurgent consumer market. India, as is known to all of is considered a very hot and potentially viable market for almost all the brands including the local (non-brands) national and the internationals as well. Numerous studies and reports have projected a dream that seems to be an up-hill task only after taking a dive but how is it possible? What went wrong? Were these report findings influenced by some non-interested parties?

Well, the introspection can land us into several such kinds of questions but only rarely an attempt is made to sort and find an actionable answer or say, a solution that provides us with some clarity of the thoughts and processes. This book is another attempt by an acclaimed author. He is an experienced personality in marketing industry, especially in Indian context. With this book, he attempts to clear the air and the misconceptions or technically saying rephrases the report findings and provides a clear demarcation of Indian consumer based on several factors which organizations take into consideration while speculating their entry.

India has always been a tough market to make a breakthrough in the Indian mind-set for making purchasing decisions. Merely going by numbers is not a solution here. Interested organizations need to delve deeper into the psyche and pockets of the target consumers. Using his past experience, he provides a refreshing approach to understand a complex and challenging market as India. He highlights the baseline fact that the Indian market is not neatly segregated and is not as organized as other western counterparts.

I recommend this book especially for those who wish to understand the ‘Indians’ as a market and not India. Without using any heavy technical jargons and confusing statements laden with huge numerical, he RELOADS his readership with a better understanding about how it works outside the chambers and printed reports! Students, experts, professionals, researchers, analysts and the list might go on…this book serves as an entry tool to Indians as a marketable opportunity. To be specific, I, STRONGLY recommend this book for the decision-makers and stake-holders across globe that are eyeing on India but are driven by numbers only. Sometimes, you need to go beyond numbers!!!

In first chapter he demystifies how the latest projections were extrapolated on a wrong parabola! In second chapter he turns focus towards the real Indians i.e. the Indians who are actually potential hot leads and addresses their concerns. With third chapter he elaborates more on how the Indian thinking goes. In chapter four he helps the readers to understand the dynamics of ‘Unity in Diversity’ of the Indian market. In fifth chapter he dissects into the concept of success overdrive i.e. how all are over possessive about relishing the taste of fruits of success. The sixth chapter lays the foundation of a refreshing approach to attend to the needs and wants of the targets. The next chapter further elaborates the penetration into the psyche. Moving further, he encompasses the services industry into his insights. The concluding two chapters sow the seeds of imagination into the active marketer’s mind. Just take a dig and reap benefits as you will get a strong hold.

About the Book

Brands and businesses from across the globe have tried to leverage the India opportunity, based upon simplistic and widely-held assumptions. India reloaded takes a critical look at these myths and contradictions, presenting a fresh and nuanced perspective on the opportunities that the Indian market offers. It draws upon a wealth of data, from consumer research, market data, macroeconomic research, popular culture and case studies, to provide a thorough and compelling insight into what makes for success in the complex Indian market, based upon the author’s two decades of experience in advertising.

About the Author

Dheeraj heads planning for Grey (WPP Group) in India, South and Southeast Asia. He is the author of Consumer India: Inside the Indian Mind and Wallet – a recommended read at the Wharton Schol’s Course on emerging economies. He has spoken at the Harvard Business School, the Asian Marketing Conference and the Global Youth Marketing Forum.