Day: Friday
Date: 16th October2015
Time:5:00 pm
Venue: KitabKhana.
About the session ,
How does it feel to leave the familiar and comfortable? When do you decide to take that leap of faith? Is there any such thing as ‘too late’? What are the challenges, risks and learnings you discover on this incredible journey?
We are thrilled to invite Sooni Taraporevala – photographer, screenwriter and filmmaker – to Mumbai Local.
Sooni was 50 when she made her first film, Little Zizou. All these years, Sooni had worked as a fabulous screenwriter, giving scripts for beautiful flims like Salaam Bombay! and The Namesake. And while she always wanted to make films, she didn’t believe that she had the personality to be a director. But, when she reached 50, that changed. Sooni took a leap of faith, let herself freefall and gave the world this delightful film.
In this Mumbai Local, Sooni will share her transformative journey from photographer to screenwriter to director and everything that happened in between. She will talk about what it meant to take that risk and how Little Zizou evolved. We will also get a glimpse into her parallel life as a photographer as she demonstrates, through clips from her film and her photographs, how all these creative fields come together to form a single, continuously amazing experience for her.
Come, be part of this fascinating session as we explore life through the eyes of someone who straddles several worlds.