Title: Sands of Time

Author: Neelam Chandra Saxena

Publisher: Panther House

ISBN: 9788193201107

My review:

‘Sand’ – can you help me recollect the striking feature of one of the most amazing element of nature? Well, it is it’s retension capacity which is related with it’s texture (sand particles). Don’t get confused as I do not intend to re-introduce you to the scientific concepts honed years back! This is rather just an approach to corelate the two I. E. Women and sand to the title of the book reviewed today – Sands of Time!


Like sand, the women is very receptive to the external environment and at the same time is very forgiving and reconciles easily if played with, within limits. She happily colors herself in all hues and shades of emotions gifted to her by people surrounding her at any given point of time;  so much so that she veils her own identity. Similarly, sand can get wet or can acquire color or imbibe temperature of its external environment to the extent that it can be thought of some other element mistakingly. Nevertheless, all these experiences with both of them can be appreciated only if done within limits and if handled with care and if you cross your limits or mis – handle any of the two; you might loose!


This book is an extension of this very statement wherein author has compiled twelve stories which test the womanhood against time and still, she stands tall despite tests of the times! Mam Neelam   is a gifted author who has a deep understanding of how to give words to emotions. For the readers, who have already witnessed the turmoil that her writings create; this comes as a mental treat. For the readers who will be reading her for the very first time, this comes as a helpful handy companion which shares her wisdom. Her stories are always inspired from real – life incidents which you can witness around you anytime while her characters are our reflections only! She never fails to create that stir within, in each of her story.


In this compilation of short stories she chose every angle that a woman faces and also that needs to be taken care of by society at large. Be it aspirations of a woman, her agony, her happiness, her achievements or even the warfare of her very existence, women have been constantly thriving to prove their mettle, and this continues. We, the modern day socialites,  boast of gifting or rather serving equal rights and status to females but is it really the truth? Find out as she closely observes and pens the stark ground-level reality within each story representing a sand particle, her writing style being an observer and problem on hand representing the tests of the times!


In one story you would feel that a woman is a light- hearted creature which like a sand particle breezes away in no time; while in another she seems to be full of heavy emotions fully laden with teary eyes just like a sand particles fully drenched in water but then she feels to be so dry just like a particle when water dries away. Sometimes, she reciprocates as coldly as it would when temperature drips naturally while sometimes she would shine like a one sparkling on a sunny day. Variations are many but shades are only few! This is the reason why I skipped writing individual reviews for all stories. I feel as if the very essence of bringing up such a compilation will be lost in words. You savor it by yourself as you invest time reading each one turn by turn.


There will be many instances when you realise that you had faced similar or might be facing similar situations; this will be testimony of your character, your traits! Hit them all – bang on! Simply feel it and    let it flow… The best thing that I learnt is …It happens and it is not just me so be proud of who you are and what you are. Don’t pretend to be what others want you to be.


Be ‘you’………….


Coming next to the book printing aspect, I feel it can be polished further. The cover page doesn’t fit into my acceptance criteria. With such a powerful theme and content it could have been more creative, more expressive, more appealing and all the more relating to the content covered. Little editing mistakes (including space tabs) were surprizing. Trust me, they were only a few but were noticed by me. I understand the practicalities of the business and lay faith in the team. I am hopeful that these discrepancies will be taken care of in the next ones.


All in all,  a nice material especially for book reading clubs for book discussions and associations working in this direction.



Time is a magician. Sometimes, it acts like a soothing balm for healing the aching hearts of women and at other times, it teaches people living around her to adapt. And at some other instances, time also brings with it punishments, penance and penalties. The book ‘SANDS OF TIME’ will take you through various such emotions in the twelve stories which it contains tales that will make you smile, tales that shall raise your hair, tales that will make you hate and tales that will make you fall in love with all the protagonists.