Title: Ananya: a bittersweet journey

Author: Shilpa Gupta

Publisher: Rupa Publications



Friends, is being naive equivalent to being termed a “foolish” person or to be precise “a foolish girl?


I was so much disturbed with this particular query rushing in my nerves that I chose to raise it even before I addressed and saluted you all!


Teenagers in India, are very much energetic and have been blessed with a go – getter attitude. Yes, children from other regions are not far ahead or even far behind them but what distinguishes the two from each other is the trailing issues that overshadow their bright future prospects!


This story highlights one such incident wherein the author attempts to dissect into the depth and in the process educates the readers with the issues that should not be ignored and actions which should not be taken for granted at this crucial age!


We all know that our bodies metamorphose during this age under harmonal effect. This is high time when the children should be taught to understand the functioning of our senses and learn to control them. No, I am not saying that become a sage and leave behind all the world’s pleasures. Rather, I believe and what the author advocates through this work is how we should mitigate our energies into something constructive.


Many a times, the ever expanding generation gap and busy schedules bars us from exchanging our views and explorations with our family members. This should not be taken for granted rather it should raise an alarm and this book serves as a guiding light to make a note about the same.


During the course of action in the story; the author raises the social issue of teenage miscarriage along with generation gap. She weaves a story wherein an aspiring girl falls prey willingly! Though, we all boast of becoming smarter and open minded people but the fact is that this scar never leaves a girl, because she is a born – bearer by nature.


Often, families land up into a blame game tossing the accountability to and fro between the girl and the boy. One thing that they all miss is the emotional turmoil that a girl endures. Is committing to love such a henious crime? Isn’t running away from love one? Why should the girl be eclipsed when boys are equally responsible? But, before that we all need to understand what is the definition of commitment in love? Are the two people in agreement on same terms? Yes, I agree that we cannot lay terms before accepting our love just like as if we were to sign a business deed but at least we can look for some signs.


Readers will enjoy the aroma of school memories and strong bond of selfless friendship,  sacrifice, timeless love and faith in familial bonding.


Though,this book comes with its share of points which I personally do not favor. Why is it that escape is easy for one and not another? Why a girl ALWAYS needs testimonies to prove herself? Why do ONLY they have to succumb to the other gender’s alignments?


Digg in with her as she treads along on rocky terrains of a landscape called life.


Nevertheless, a fair attempt to pen down such crucial issues into single piece of work and a commendable effort to shape it up in a constructive manner. A special kudos for drafting a sensitive piece of fiction in the very first attempt.


This book helps you to walk through the self realizability. This serves as a wise gift of teenage girls, especially for the ones who belong to not so conversing families.