Title: In the Shadows of Death

Author: Sourabh Mukherjee

Publisher: Srishti Publishers

ISBN: 9789382665571

Genre: Fiction

My views:

Crime fiction is a tricky genre and needs to invest attention to detail in order to paint the canvas red (read it as writing an engaging murder mystery). Authors like Sourabh Mukherjee make it yet more interesting to read!

In the shadows of death, is a gripping account from the perspective of an investgating ACP – Agni Mitra. He is called upon in a hotel where a girl is found dead in suspicious position. The author starts the narration with action – based dialogues. You feel as if you yourself are set into motion with the characters.

The scene descriptions are lively and apt. Sometimes, authors try and create a scary and dim feel but he did not do that by any sense. Rather, he engages the readers in a thorough walkthrough with the facts and findings.

The characterization is strong. Be it victim, murderer, supporting friends or family members, he has given due coverage to all. The persona of each of the characters comes out distinctively whenever someone is in discussion.

The treatment of story is emotional and human based. Why I say this? Well because he added a punch into the story by pinching the personal life of the ACP as well. We witness his shades as the story progresses towards a logical end.

The presentation is systematized using day based reports. Such a presentation keeps the readers engrossed as they gauge the development and this aids mental graphing as well.

The story is gripping, engaging and enjoyable. You need to turn pages to last in order to find out the real culprit. It was easy to visualize the scenes and tred along. With this story he touches upon a gruesome fact of the modern day society. Why is it hard to digest success especially for females? Why do egos clash? What price do we need to pay to live life?

It is a fast paced read. This book can be an interesting companion on evening tea or on a journey. Aspiring authors should refer to this story for gathering some tips on writing crime.

Book Description:

Sheetal Mehra, HR Executive with Crescent Technologies, is found murdered in the toilet of a Kolkata hotel after an office party. ACP Agni Mitra finds out about her adulterous ways as he starts investigating into the murder. The miffed husband, a lecherous boss, one of her many jilted admirers – anyone could have killed her.

The investigation is stuck in myriad perplexing questions when the murder of Meenakshi Menon,  Director with Altius Finance, hits the headlines.

As more murders rock the city, it is not too long before the battle of wits with his unseen adversary turns personal for Agni.

A ruthless killer walking the rain-washed streets of Kolkata.

A detective battling storms brewing in his private life.

Human relations infested with deceit. A generation struggling to cope with fast-changing ambitions and desires.

In the Shadows is a gripping page-turner with a heart-rendering emotional core.

About the Author

Sourabh Mukherjee works in a senior leadership position in a leading consulting and technology services firm. He has several publications and blogs on emerging trends in business and technology, and has spoken in a number of national and global conferences and technology summits. he has penned several short stories and was also the recipient of the Golden Pen Award in the Sulekha Monsoon Romance Contest 2014.

Sourabh loves travelling, is an avid reader, and is passionate about photography, movies and music.