Title: Know Your Relationships: Through Positive Intentions 1

Author: Shilpi J. Chawla

ISBN: 9788193341520

Publisher: Embassy Books


About the Book


As human beings we face a serious challenge of being able to love, unconditionally. We push and we pull, we struggle and we make it! As adults we behave in a certain way to maintain the decorum and sanity around daily living which may or may not be satisfying to us in experience. I ask you to PAUSE, I invite you to travel into your child-like open eyes filled with curiosity and awe.


Get ready for a journey that will sparkle, glitter and cause a glow in your perspective towards self and the relationships you create with others.


Know Your Relationships promises to take you a wave forward one day at a time, one emotion at a time, one letter at a time. It is about strengthening ones willingness to see bigger picture, a new horizon, if you will. The words in here have the power to bring a smile to the otherwise mundane.




If you are looking for a book for bringing a sense of fresh breeze in your daily life then this book is for you!


After a long gap, I got chance to go through content which is fresh and motivating at the same time. Personally speaking, I am having a tough time since past couple of months in my life. This book came as a guiding light and provided a chance to revisit my approach and thoughts.


Normally, while facing the hardships, we often forget to calculate or rather bring into consideration, the very fact that how our deeds are affecting our relations and particularly – our kids. This book sums up some very beautiful intentions which would revive your senses and at the same time, provide you with an inkling of prayers you would wish to bestow your kids with.


Shilpi is a published author with her previous publication bringing laurels to her and this book is nothing short of what is expected. She masters the art of re-packaging simple messages that we receive from our surroundings into beautiful text which is easily understood by her readers.


Format wise – she chose to provide with intentions which are arranged in an sequential and an alphabetical order. This further makes it an easy read. Just one letter a day and you will experience a new energy once you complete the list.

This book is a perfect read and a perfect read especially for mothers or say, ladies who are deeply engrossed in their daily chores and need some interesting food of thought devoid of lengthy speeches. Other than this, this book is a good pick for book clubs and ladies clubs s well because there is so much in this book which could be brought on the table and interpreted for a better understanding at an individual level as well.


Just a little addition, dig out some beautiful one-liners for y our personal reference. Trust me, you will enjoy and sense the positive vibes empowering you!


About the Author


Shilpi is the author of The Book of Intents and its sequel Love your Life, with the power of intention. Her dream that come true raising twins inspired her to pen Dancing the Dance, a book about the power and grace of a woman. She feels that life in inherently supplying us subtle messages, stillness is inevitable if you want to tap into them and yet in the midst of all that is palpable and real, there is something very unreal about living a life without intention.


Shilpi is Shamanic practitioner. Her journey has led her through various therapies including Reiki, EFT, Vipassna, Somatic Experiencing, Art of Living, Angel Therapy and the teaching philosophies of Louise H Hay. It is her Intention that through this book you become IN-spired, IN-terested and IN- tune to the gift of your Relationships.