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Greetings and Welcome dear friends and revered staff members from RIVIERA2019.

It gives me immense contentment to score this date as a milestone in my blogging stint!

Hi! Myself Priyanka – an established book blogger, an ardent book reviewer and a freelance content strategist. I am the publisher of this blog – Books News India; your content-driven collaborator in Riviera2019!

Thank you team Riviera2019 for extending the collaboration with my blog for the current academic year. My blog is exclusively dedicated to Indian books promotions and Indian authors’ promotions as well. I am immeasurably thrilled to welcome all the guests from the event i.e. your energetic organizing team, respected management, enthusiastic university staff and the fanatical students across the university – all sharing their love with the books with me at my blog.

I am confident that you all will have loads of information to discover and gain an insight into the book publishing industry of India through my blog.

My blog is exclusively dedicated to authors and book publishers in India. It will not be an incongruity if I state that my blog is synonymous with a springboard for the first-time authors from India! I feel proud to share that I am equally committed to serve the published authors as well at my blog. You will hit upon abundant blog posts about published book reviews and Indian author introductions. You never know, you might find your name mentioned here, one fine day…

With this collaboration I will be also be making a comeback to reviewing from the dormancy since past couple of months. I am equally excited to restart my journey with you people.

As you are completely gripped in reading this welcome message; I am toiling hard to put a resourceful pool in order, just for you. This resource will come handy for your timely assistance in your writing and publishing sortie, in the days to come. Move forward and plunge into the stream of books, books and only books!

My sheer rationale to collaborate with the Rivera2019 team was to provide the aspiring writers, authors and publishers among you (inside your institution) with a dais where they can catch hold of an easy access into the beguiling book publishing industry of India.

In order to relish exquisite perks from my blog – I invite all of you to register yourself here.

Registration Perks

  • Access into dedicated FB groups to connect with the industry veterans.
  • Access to industry-specific articles and entertaining resource pool.
  • Chance to flaunt your writing skills by publishing your reviews on my blog.
  • Knowledge sharing for gaining finesse in your writing and book promotion skills.
  • Updates about apt industry events and contests / competions / giveaways etc.
  • and more, which you will be updated via email, post registration at the page provided.

This is just an indicative list to present you with an inkling about what all YOU MIGHT MISS, if you do not register with us. DO NOT MISS YOUR CHANCE to the alluring world of book publishing industry of India.

Important Note: Please note that only the registered members will get an access to the perks and free book publishing resource pool. Details will be sent to you via email. Please do not forget to subscribe to the blog for receiving updates about latest helpful resources for free. Subscribers will continue to receive freebies whenever planned even after receiving registration perks during RIVIERA2019, straight into the inbox for your lifetime!

If you wish to get more information about me, my work and my services; please feel free to follow the navigation tabs on the blog or just Google my name – ‘Priyanka Batra Harjai’.

Should you have queries, do not ever hesitate to contact me at priyanka.bat@gmail.com. I love receiving and responding to the emails from my patrons i.e. you, my dear readers!

Happy book writing!

A high five!