‘Paradise Lost’ – This was the book by Ratnadip which I had reviewed earlier. I can easily The Speaking Stonereckon how my personal perception towards the book reading or shall I say, book reviewing changed! Yes, it is a magician of words. The simplicity with which he carves the sentences and frames the story around those wordily combinations is beyond explanation.

Now, his latest writing – ‘The Speaking Stone’ is one of the best of the time – I must say. I won’t make this customary by commenting about flow, plot theme etc… Instead, I would discuss some really appreciable and strong points of the project, which makes it un-put-down-able!

Easy-to-read yet easier-to-understand. Most of the readers might consider giving it a miss as it belongs to historical thriller genre but dear friends, if you miss this – you will be at loss of possessing a worth-appreciation work. Pick it up and you will learn appreciating the beauty of the histories as well. Leave aside the explanation of the historical facts the beauty was how intricately he has woven the story around and how smartly he adorned his story with the exquisite explanations. At no point of time, I felt if I was reading a book rather I felt I was watching some movie. So seamless – so flawless!

Strong characterization is something which I personally like the most. If characters are strong they will anyhow pull off the strongly even if an author misses sometimes. Nevertheless, if the work belongs to Ratnadip – you MUST re-read to learn how characters should be crafted! Yes, my words are not exaggerated at all. Strong characters with stronger mindset and strongest of the messages exchanged within the confines of the story. Usually, authors do lack the connect of defining the character and their treatment inside the story. He, knows how to make his characters work to take the story forward. There is some interesting fascination about all the characters which strike a chord with you.

Attention-to-detail is something that he puts into his story like a craftsman does to his craft. Very fragile but put firmly only to beautify the story. Read a line and you will very easily to transported to the scene inside. Be it current date explanations or some dating backwards – the goosebumps sensation will be equally electrifying. The best thing about his writings is that he never losses his track while delving deeper into the facts or while explaining something visual. He balances both the elements with such precision that you do not read but you live the story – you start experiencing it and this is the point when author wins! And he does it with all the perfection.

Some people might think how about the division percentage of historical facts and thriller suspense – Well, trust me you will relish both the flavors aptly. It should not be bound among a few digits merely for the sake of publishing review. Some work need to be applauded beyond the customary regime.

Usually, I include a recommendation line for every single book I review. I mention, who all should read or pick the instead instead of plain recommendation. Well, this time it would be something strange this time. I recommend this book to be read by:

  • History students: to understand how to look at facts.
  • Literature students: to understand how to put the facts.
  • Art Scholars and Faculties: You will get so-much-stuff for class discussions and group discussions that will aid your students to acquire impeccable writing skills.
  • Fellow Authors (especially newbies): to understand what a hook is? What keeps the readers glued to the book?
  • Book Lovers: As I stated earlier, you will loose an awesome work. I bet this book will trespass your book shelves and will secure a safe place to be cherished for years to come.
  • Media Producers: to catch hold of a script which can will turn out to be a magnificent drama if televised.

ALERT!: There is a sequel planned!