About Books News India

Books News India by Priyanka Batra Harjai is an Indian author and books promotion blog. This blog is particularly dedicated to Indian authors and their work (books / novels / publications).

This is an initiative providing useful information and resources at readers disposal.

Authors (either published or to-be published), publishers, book distributors and media personnel (covering the book publishing industry)  – all can harness this resource for promoting their work and related events.

You can publish a news snippet announcing:

  • a new book release
  • a book launch event or a book signing event
  • an  author appearance
  • a book reading event or book signing event
  • book success story
  • a book fair participation
  • a  (local) book fair / event hosting or
  • any related news from the organization

and more as you deem fit to publish and share on this blog.

This blog is promoted online using genuine blog promotion strategies and offline using an ever-increasing database (including  a list of active emails ids of authors, publishers, distributors, academicians, etc.).

Other features include:

  • Author Interviews
  • Book Reviews
  • Guest posts
  • A monthly newsletter

I (Priyanka Batra Harjai), the publisher of this blog, am an one-man army doing research, promotion and blog postings. I have a decent amount of experience (spanning more than 15 years) in book-publishing / education and online promotion industry. I am a published (freelance) writer with my work published in various web-portals.

Should you have any queries,  please feel free to drop-in an email to me at: priyanka.bat@gmail.com.

Please do not forget to follow the blog to stay updated with the latest developments.

6 thoughts on “About Books News India”

  1. Hi Priyanka,
    Thanks for yr reply reg my book ‘The Vagrant’. I agree to what you have suggested to do about including it as a reference. Could you plz guide me as regards how to go about doing it?
    Many thanks

    • priyankabatraharjai said:

      Dear Richa,

      I would be glad to share the details with you. May I please request you to kindly resend the email as I could not locate it in my folder. It will be really helpful for me.

      Anticipating response.

    • Hi Priyanka,
      Ya sure. My email is authoricha@gmail.com
      Thank you so much really because the Indian scene is still quite laidback as regards the publicising of a written product esp for a self-pubbed work and hence it turns out that one has to find or fumble through trying to get a foothold and get some attention.
      Hope to hear soon

    • priyankabatraharjai said:

      sent. plz chck.

  2. Namaste Priyanka,

    I landed here from your post on the Azure Book Club page – this is a good initiative – all the best.


  3. This is useful for authors whose books are published.

    My new book titled as “Live Good Life by Choice, Not Chance” is recently published. This is perhaps first of its kind self help book dealing with life improvement comprehensively and in totality. The book discusses five aspects of self and five areas of life lucidly to provide a detailed understanding and then shows steps and actions on how to bring about improvement. Thus it is know how and do how both on self and life.

    More details are available on publisher’s website http://www.kusumprakashan.in.

    M. R. Joshipura
    Author, Educator and Trainer
    Ahmedabad -gujarat India

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