Associated Author – Laxmikant Shukl

Laxmi Kant Shukl (Lakshay Shukl as his loved ones call him) was born in Kanpur on Feb 24th. He completed his Mechanical Engineering and B. Ed. before embarking on writing career. HIs first book ‘The Legends of Ram’ was published when he was 18 years old. He wrote others successive novels in Hindi like ‘Saya – a paranormal love story’and with ‘5 shades of Love’ he turned in English languages too.

He writes for daily newspapers and some magazines. He likes singing, hangouts with friends and likes to attend public speaking shows.

He hates dishonesty and people who had cheated him or hurt him. He has an immense faith on Lord Rama. He writes with both hands. He is an associate member of FilmWriter Association, Mumbai. He has also joined Dr. Kumar Biswas for Anna moments against corruption. He has written numerous poems, articles, book reviews and plays. His much-loved genres of reading are Horror, Romance & Thriller. He updates his romantic poems on Faceboook for a number of his fans. In near future he wants toshare some more stories through movies.

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