Associated Author :: Nitin Sawant

Nitin Sawant has tried to make a living by being a software programmer, engineer, stock market analyst, copywriter, journalist, tele-shopping expert and jewellery designer at various stages in life. He’s travelled far and wide across the world, and has led a nomadic life for past 20 years. This gives a unique perspective to all his tall tales and offers a distinctive colour to his writing.

Firstly, he doesn’t believe that a good story can be written purely through imagination or by adhering to a set formula. Great stories always come from within, from moments that we’ve lived and experienced. This tale – ‘Lucifer’s Lungi’ also happens to be a amped up version of what he has experienced himself.

Secondly, he doesn’t believe in genres and patterns. Real life, which he believes can be stranger than any fiction, can’t be classified in any single genre. There’s usually a tinge of sadness to every joke he’s experienced. And he’s always ended up laughing, whenever he’s lived through a horror moment, like in the ‘Lucifer’s Lungi’.


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