Associated Author: Pankaj Rajput

Pankaj Rajput, the author of the City of Nine Gates, is from Mumbai. He works as a financial risk analyst in an MNC in Mumbai. His interests have ranged from physics to metaphysics to spirituality. His belief that Truth is Absolute yet the inherent diversity in Nature, ranging from atoms to people to philosophies to even the gods we worship, motivated him to write the Vedic Fiction City of Nine Gates. He is currently working on its sequel tentatively titled – The Return of Karn where Gyan encounters the greatest spiritual warrior ever and battles the end of all Worlds. Pankaj can be contacted at,
Twitter: @frmpankaj
Wordpress: http://cityofninegatesthebook.wordpre…

‘City of Nine Gates’ is now available on Flipkart, Amazon, Bookadda and Notionpress.

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