Associated Author: Roopa Menon

Roopa Menon grew up in Kerala and migrated to Amchi  Mumbai at the age of ten. Her love for reading was kindled by her grandfather’s  library where she passed countless hours poring over a variety of musty  smelling, dog-eared books.

Roopa dabbled in writing during her college years;  some of which got published in magazines in India and abroad.

She lives in Dubai with her husband, balancing a  full time job, her day dreaming and her writing.

Pyar Aur Poetry is her first book and fiction publication  since 2001. It is, as she would like to call it, “a tapestry of  youthful quests, longings, and arrogance.” Loosely based on her  college experience in India she has ensured that she has remained faithful  to fiction and her imagination.

You can join her on:

Facebook: Menon

Twitter: @RoopaMenon1

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