Associated Author – Sagar Kataria

Sagar Kataria is a graduate in Electronics Engineering. After he completed his three years degree course, he got settled at Amritsar and is self employed.

Writing is his foremost passion. Whenever he gets time, tries his hand in it and shares the same with his diary and at the internet mediums. His mornings begin with his second love.. a game of badminton. He has been playing it since last 25 years.

He has been a reader of fiction and non-fiction novels. Other than writing, he spends his leisure time drawing and listening to ghazals. Instrumental music is the best companion during his drives to rocks and deserts.

Nature has deep impressed his mind to express its beauty in writing poems. He always carries his diary and colored pencils in his office bag. His optimistic approach to life has urged him to share his passion in this fiction.

This has been a dream turn real…

Twitter: SAGAR S. KATARIA@sagsameka

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