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Shweta Ganesh Kumar is the bestselling author of ‘Coming Up On The Show’ and ‘Between The Headlines’, two novels on the Indian Broadcast Shweta Ganesh Kumar - Author PageNews industry.   Her latest book, ‘A Newlywed’s Adventures in Married Land,’ is now available worldwide via Toronto based publishers, Indireads.

Her short fiction and poetry have been published in Indian Voices – An anthology, Bricolage Magazine, Synaesthesia Magazine, Writers Asylum, Single Solitary Thought, Damazine, Love Across Borders, Shades of Love and other anthologies and literary magazines in more than four continents.

Her monthly column, ‘Trippin With Shweta’ is a steady feature in the Indian magazine, ‘Travel and Flavours’.  The New Indian Express, One Philippines, Venture (Indonesia) and Geo (Indian edition) have published many of her travel columns. Her non-fiction pieces have been featured in ‘Chicken Soup’ for the Indian Spiritual Soul and Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul – On Friendship. She also writes and illustrates on the joys and trials of being a parent, in a blog called, ‘The Times Of Amma – The motherhood bulletin with badly-drawn cartoons.’

In her past avatars, she has been a News Trainee, Desk Editor, TV News correspondent with CNN-IBN and a Communications Officer at Greenpeace India.

In her current avatar, she is a writer, mother, wife and traveller. She currently lives in El Salvador, with her husband and two-year old daughter.

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