Associated Author :: Upendra Namburi

About the Author

Upendra Namburi is a sales and marketing professional who has launched over twenty new products and participated in setting up three new businesses. He is an engineer by accident and an MBA by design.

He has contributed to leading newspapers and online publications and is an evolving blogger. He has written on a wide array of subjects including payments, loyalty and marketing. He has also been invited by several management schools across India to speak and interact with students.

Having realized that we are all in a constant rush, set up against timelines and deadlines in this often transactional life, he has captured that essence in a new genre of ‘contemporary Indian life thrillers’.

He is on the passionate voyage of writing the numbers triumvirate of novels titled 31, 60 minutes and 8. His novels touch upon the various facets of Urban India, including corporate life, obsessions, love and relatonships. His debut novel 31, was a bestseller and also on the longlist for the Tata First Book award.

He currently resides in Gurgaon with his wife and ‘The Prince’, his mischievous son.

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