Associated Author :: Rohit Pagade

Rohit Pagare became a non-person in January 2008 – the year in Rohit Pagarewhich he was imprisoned. Prior to this he was a successful Chartered Accountant and worked with world’s largest consultancies. He is a co-author in several books on taxation along with his father.

Four Friends is his first fiction novel. Writing fiction was his hidden talent, and the prison gave him a fertile ground to flourish. Inmates gave him real stories. It took him four years to write, re-write and review this work. He wrote the novel during his 63 day parole release period.

Rohit Pagare extends his apologies to all those who knew him, who worked with him in any capacity; as clients, seniors, juniors, and others: like friends, relatives and associates. He also extends his apologies to all the institutions which trusted him. In the end, despite the pressing hardships of the prison, he promises to write better in the times to come.

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