Associated Author :: Zeenat Mahal

Zeenat Mahal was born in Lahore, Pakistan and grew up in that city of gardens, and saints, shrines and Sufis. She absolutely loves reading and Zeenat Mahalwriting romances and cannot resist paranormal and historical romances. She enjoys reading fantasy, literary fiction and children’s literature as well.

She’s been published in online literary magazines like The Missing Slate and Running Out of Ink. She also writes as Faiqa Mansab. That’s a name she uses for her darker endeavours concerning realism.  Zeenat Mahal is her nom de plume. She has three gorgeous sons, with whom she lives in Kingston Upon Thames, UK.

‘Haveli’ is Zeenat’s first of two published novellas. Currently she is working on a literary novel with elements of magical realism, while continuing to write romances.

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