‘Follow your heart’ – is the most common strategy taught to the individuals who have fallen in love, anytime in their lives. Ironically, no one ever further suggests about – how to follow the heart? Here comes the answer – hear heart beats and because they belong to the beloved; they term it – Angelic Beats.

Angelic beats from Sarita Singh is a divine story of two common individuals who find themselves entering into a not so common kind of relationship and this makes the story exclusive in its genre. It is a pious attempt of two people to understand and admire each other rising above despite the social abstractions.

Almost all the lovers try their luck in defeating the antagonistic forces going against them in love life but not all end up victorous. Moreover, every story defines love, sacrifice and victory in their own terms. And if, the couple is a learned one with one being an Air Force Officer and another being a teacher than you can judge the proportional magnitude by yourself. When quotient value increases the stakes do and thus the cost to repent them, increases!

Read this story to find out if they hoist the flag of victory in love and at what cost? Are they willing enough to pay the costs to be with each other in the life, everafter?

A story that teaches you to understand and appreciate the language of heart. Starting from a tender age to mature persons, the journey progresses as we follow what their hearts speak. On one side is a married female teacher of repute who seems to be very much poised and reserved from outside but underneath she just another simple girl to loves to be loved whereas; on another side is a responsible boy, who becomes an air force officer one fine day loves to love. They both bloom and progress in the ladders of their respective lives and decide to move ahead in life – together!

Will they be able to accomplish this trivial goal or will this tryst complicate the things further. Find out for yourself.

You will appreciate the simplicity and straight-forwardness in style of writing. It is a pacey romance story. It teaches you how to go with the flow even if the tides of times are turbulent enough to shaken your spirits. And as the saying goes – ” as the going gets tough, the tougher gets going”.

Find out how he keeps going while following the angelic beats.